Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood. If you're reading this because you think you might be one, my advice is: close this right now.

“It’s all of my favorite cleaning. Like, I don’t like dishes and I don’t like the kitchen, but I love beds and bathrooms and spraying and going through everybody’s stuff. Like every day, there’s new people to snoop on! It would be my dream.” on her dream job of being a hotel maid

hunger games au: last year was child’s play

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"I have a lot in common with Percy. Everyone has experienced self-doubt. I’ve felt that many times. I feel that on every film I make – initially I have to convince myself of my own worth, and then go out there and try my best. I always go in very insecure. But I feel that anxiety and stress is fuel for the fire to try to find what I need to discover."

That’s okay," Annabeth said. "How are you at bluffing, lying, and trash-talking."
Sadie raised an eyebrow. “I’ve been told those are my most attractive qualities.

“Staff of Serapis” by Rick Riordan (via goodforharpies)

I’m a very cliche actress with the green juice and taking my dog to Runyon Canyon, and all that stuff. And that’s sort of how I stay in shape.


It’s been a while with no HoH art so, after a few requests here’s an no original attempt to design Calypso…

Forget the oracle! You’re worried about your destiny, then write a new one. You’re angry at Poseidon for ignoring you, then show him why he shouldn’t. You’re upset about Tyson, make sure he didn’t die for nothing.